"I used to think running was a torturous way of staying lean. It's simply amazing how someone like Coach Sara can transform your perspective. My journey began in January of 2017, after signing up for my my first half marathon. Coach Sara was supportive and compassionate, her warm charisma empowering me and earning my trust without hesitation. Having never run long distances, she tailored a plan to strengthen my endurance, speed, and technique through a variety of training methods, from long runs and track workouts to cross-training and recovery advice. She truly understands what running represents, and you can FEEL her passion. In less than a year with her,  I've completed two half marathons and a full marathon, and I don't plan to stop. 
If you've ever wanted to run a race, or even run for yourself, Coach Sara is the perfect match. The inspiration you will get from her, the identity you will craft for yourself, and the belief and mental toughness you will develop leave you with a lifelong love of running, and a lifelong friendship! I am so thankful, and you will be too!" - Faisal S.

"I have been an avid runner for over 5 years now and wanted to take my running to a new level. Sara was my first running coach.. She enhanced my confidence, attitude, and approach to running making my Chicago marathon training an exceptional meaningful experience.. I hit goals and paces that I never thought were attainable.. From this experience I gained a lifelong running coach and more importantly a friend..♥️" - Jill P.

"I have found Amy to be an extraordinary fitness trainer. She has tremendous versatility and intelligence, and she is a lot of fun too.  With her guidance, I have been able to achieve the weight, physical skills and fitness that I was hoping for. Her attitude is inspiring." - Cathy S.

"I have been training with Amy for over a year now.  Amy is a dedicated professional, knowledgeable and personable. She supervised my exercise program and devised exercises appropriate for my specific goals and aspirations.   I have recommended her to many of my colleagues and friends and will continue to do so." - Debbie P.