Option 1 - $140 per month

The total package - online run coaching and online run specific strength training!  Amy and Sara will collaborate and design a program that contains a running schedule to properly train you for race day, and twice weekly strength sessions specific to what phase of training you're currently in to build a strong and injury free body!  Unlimited communication with Sara and Amy via text and email is included.

Option 2 - $90 per month

The online run coaching only option is a customized plan based on your current level of fitness to train you safely and effectively for your goal race.  Your schedule is delivered bi-weekly through a shared training calendar and adjusted through the training cycle based on your feedback and progress.  Unlimited communication with Sara via text and email is included.

Option 3 - $60 per month

The online strength training only option consists of twice weekly strength training sessions that take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete.  The workouts are designed to complement wherever you are in your running, whether that is your off season or training for a specific event.  Unlimited communication with Amy via text and email is included.  

6 and 12 month commitments are eligible for discounted pricing.   Contact us for details!